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"Dear JP,

I want to thank you for all of your hard work, integrity, and attention to detail in inspecting our potential new home. Your report is a thing of beauty. It is so comprehensive that we felt very confident buying the house. I particularly appreciated that the report not only described what was "wrong" with or could be improved at the house, but it also suggested how to best address the issue. Now that the house is ours, the report has become our "home owner's manual," suggesting important potential home improvements that will keep us busy for the next few years. Thank you for your commitment to excellence. I appreciate you!     ~Sherri S."


We have had inspections of other properties over the years, but I want you to know that your report was the most thorough, and professional that I've ever seen. You are truly a pro at what you do. In addition, I really enjoyed the day understanding your workmanship perspectives. I'd be proud to carry your hand towel for you, if the opportunity presents itself.

John R. Sedona, AZ

"Dr. J.P.,

I wanted to thank you for the thorough and professional report you prepared for me, on very short notice and within a very tight escrow requirement. ....I have bought a fair amount of real estate. Although I usually get inspections before closing, never before have I seen anything like the quality you deliver. The report is so good and so detailed that I am using it as a manual to guide the various contractors who are now crawling over the house.

But beyond the report itself, the subjective “between-the-lines” advice you gave me that day was was your willingness to talk straight about the place, that it was not on the verge of falling down and so on, that gave me the confidence to look beyond the mess the previous owner left it in.

Wherever the opportunity arises, I will recommend J.P. Lomeo, whom I now know to be The Consummate Professional Home Inspector.

Dave C., Sedona , AZ

"absolutely wonderful service you provided. We have bought many houses over the years so we have gone through the very stressful procedure of "the home inspection". JP inspected our home as if he were buying it himself. We have never met such a professional and knowledgeable inspector. Incredibly thorough, helpful and patient. He took all the time needed to explain in detail everything he discovered and saved us a lot of money in the end. I can not thank him enough and highly recommend him to all serious buyers..."

Jacob V. and M. R., Cottonwood, AZ

“JP's home inspection was distinguished by competence, thoroughness...attention to detail...professionalism and a strong work ethic. We recommend JP... without qualification.”

David and Judi B., Sedona, AZ

“Above all, we sought piece of mind in our home buying process. JP is highly knowledgeable and highly skilled...We found him to be thorough and efficient... we do not hesitate to recommend him enthusiastically!'

Ted & Betty W, Sedona, AZ

"Outstanding report... information clear and concise... observations, notes and suggestions extremely helpful. It's always better to know and not to assume. We feel much better!"

Ted and Pam A., Sedona AZ

"Just a quick note to thank you so much for a very personable and professional job on the inspection... You are a real professional and we feel that we really got our money's worth. We will recommend you any time."

John & Deb T.